Join the Creators

Join the Creators

In the new era everyone's skills are valuable

Whether you’re a caregiver, a craftsperson, a coach or doing something new and unique, Wonderia gives you the tools and skills to create quality services and to sell them with ease.
You can try Wonderia risk-free and keep your existing sales channels alongside you.

As a Wonderia Creator you will get:

An environment filled with inspiring and supportive people, where clients and colleagues are part of the same community. Your expertise will be widely visible.

Connect with other Free and Cocreators. You’ll gain great experiences at Cocreator events and learn new skills at trainings and workshops. At community events, you can offer your services.

Choose what’s best for you – work independently or join community activities as much as you like.

An all-in-one platform which is easy to use with all the tools and capabilities to create online courses, events and bookable services — so you can focus on your core competencies.

Organise courses, write a blog or make a vlog, offer your services with a booking calendar and sell your products. You can bring your existing content to the platform or start afresh. Participate in discussions and communicate with customers directly through your profile.

A low-cost, low-risk way to commercialize your skills. Whether you are an experienced player or in the early stages of your career, Wonderia offers an easy and lightweight way to share your knowledge with the world.

As a Cocreator you will have your own online shop to sell services, events, products and courses. It comes complete with cash flow management and modern payment systems — everything you need for hassle-free business!

Free Creator

Suitable for you if you want to produce diverse content, write blogs, create online courses and discussion groups or organize free events.

  • All basic user functions
  • Extended profile
  • Create new groups
  • Write blogs
  • Create free basic online courses
  • Publish free in-person or online events


When you want to create an income stream on a professional or hobby basis or you represent a community, association or organization that wants to take its activities to the next level.

  • All Free Creator functions
  • Extended profile page for business/community
  • Your own online shop for selling courses, events, services and products
  • Create paid events
  • Calendar-based booking and rental services
  • Inspiring Cocreator events
  • Greater storage space
  • Pre-built payment and accounting systems — start earning in a new way!

What we expect from you

  • Integrity: you commit to acting honestly and ethically towards others.
  • Responsibility: you take all accountability for the content you produce.
  • Respect: you follow and uphold the community rules

How do I join?

1) Check out the policies below and first register as a Free member of Wonderia.

2) Upgrade to a Cocreator membership by filling in the Cocreator form at the bottom of the page. The form asks you to introduce yourself in a few sentences.

3) If you wish, you can make an appointment for a voluntary and free introductory meeting, so that we can get to know each other and support you in the best possible way.

4) Once you submit the form, we will activate your Creator membership within 48 hours. We’ll send you a notification when your membership is active. You are a Free Creator until you decide to commercialize your content, i.e. produce paid content.

As a Free Creator you can create free content even without being an entrepreneur.

If you want to sell your services and products, you need to have a valid VAT-number. 

If you are located in Finland, depending on the services you offer you can also act as a “kevytyrittäjä”, for example through, where you can get Wonderia’s services at a special price. Read more.

We welcome anyone who wants to create their own services, content or products.
We require compliance with Community rules.

You can sell on the Wonderia online platform as if you were selling through your own business.  See the Community rules.

You own your content. You can read more about storing, transferring and deleting content in the Cocreator agreement.

You can keep your own website and other sales and marketing channels alongside if you wish. You can also promote your products and services, which are offered in Wonderia, in your own channels. 

You will be able to sell virtually all your products and services on Wonderia. 

You have a merchant account where the balance of the products/services you sell is deposited. When you want to withdraw the money to your own account, you send an invoice for the amount. The invoice will be 90% – €7 invoicing surcharge of the total amount. For primary producers, the settlement amount is 95% – 7€.

Network marketing and other direct sales are allowed on designated marketplaces, on your own profile and on your own news feed on Wonderia. Network marketing must be reported openly.

It is also possible to make online courses in small groups, supporting each other and producing richer content.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a tech prodigy. The platform is easy to use and we’ve provided tutorials on the key functions. Support and guidance is available from our network of partners.

As a Wonderian Cocreator, you are not bound to any monthly or annual membership and you can stop using the service at any time. Simple!

Starting as a Cocreator is risk-free – no monthly or annual fees!
You keep 90% of all sales.

As a primary producer, if you are a farmer and sell unprocessed produce from your farm, or sell berries you picked from the forest or fish you caught, you keep 95% of all sales.

When you want to cash your sales into your own bank account, a 10% + €7 service fee (5% + €7 for a primary producer) on your sales will be invested in the development and running costs of the platform and in charity. In this case, you will be invoiced for the amount you receive for tracking sales from your online shop. The minimum invoice amount is €50 including VAT.

For technical problems, please contact the helpdesk in the first instance. The Helpdesk can be found in the left menu when you are logged in to Wonderia.

For other issues, you can send a message to Wonderia Spirit (@spirit). You can send messages from the envelope icon in the top panel when you are logged in to Wonderia.

In urgent cases, you can sendcall +358-41-3146603.

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Provided information will be never shared with any third parties. It's only for improving Wonderia services and creating trust and communication between Wonderia and a Member.