Private online session (donation based)


“Topi’s presence as a therapist and healer is in a league of its own. In the space he supports, things begin to move and flow, knots and pains unravel, understanding to build. Topi does not bring anything extra into the space, just exactly what is needed to allow the life in the client to do its work. This is true presence. In such a space it is possible to achieve profound, deep healing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Topi.”

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By stopping in a deep state of presence and welcoming what wants to become visible in that moment, consciousness opens up and sets out to deepen our experience just as it is meant to do. As we move together in the direction indicated by your inner wisdom, the understanding of what is essential opens up, without trying and without forcing our experience in any direction.

In the moment, we are not seeking to get rid of anything, but welcoming all parts of your experience to rest in the light of awareness and love to show their precious selves.

You don’t need to know anything in advance, you can truly surrender in peace to the present moment in a shared space where I invite you to explore your own experience with gentle guidance.

If your situation calls for it (for example, a physical ailment or a challenge in a particular area of the body), we can also combine the moment with working with the energy level through a variety of distance energy healing techniques.

Client testimonials:
“I would say that behind all the skill, Topi’s greatest ability is to hold space for what is happening in a completely accepting presence and the acceptance feels with a comprehensiveness that I may not have experienced before.”

“Working with Topi is empowering and liberating. His steady accepting presence creates a sense of safety that helps with difficult issues for oneself. It was easy for me to work with Topi and the connection to working with him was instant. Topi’s way of working is calm and respectful. I highly recommend him!”

“With an open and receptive mind go to explore and release! A gentle and safe experience!”

The meeting will take place in Zoom. I will send you a link before the meeting.
If it feels right in your heart, after the meeting you can donate any amount you like via cryptos, mobilepay or bank transfer.

See you soon! <3


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